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Subject: Fetanyl abuse kills — but it doesn’t have to.

Dear [MPP's Name],

The Patch4Patch program saves lives, and could be saving lives in our community.

After North Bay experienced at least 15 overdoses in six years, their Drug Strategy Committee worked with, local police, physicians, and pharmacists to come up with the Patch4Patch program. It requires legitimate users to hand back their used fentanyl patches to pharmacists before new patches are provided.

The program has saved lives and reduced crime in North Bay — there hasn’t been a single death from a fentanyl overdose there in the past 12 months. Dozens of other communities have begun implementing their own Patch4Patch programs.

I urge you to support Bill C-33, the Safeguarding our Communities Act, at Queen’s Park, and consider bringing in a Patch4Patch program in our city.

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