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  • Canada ranks second in per capita opioid use
  • Ontario ranks first in Canada in opioid use
  • For those aged 25-34, one in 8 deaths related to opioid use (2010)
  • Opioid use is the third leading cause of accidental death
  • From 2010-2013, almost 2,300 people died in Ontario alone from opioid-related causes

Fetanyl abuse kills — but it doesn’t have to.

The Patch4Patch program is saving lives in communities across Ontario right now.

After North Bay experienced at least 15 overdoses in six years, their Drug Strategy Committee worked with, local police, physicians, and pharmacists to come up with the Patch4Patch program. It requires legitimate users to hand back their used fentanyl patches to pharmacists before new patches are provided.

The program has saved lives and reduced crime in North Bay — there hasn’t been a single death from a fentanyl overdose there in the past 12 months. Dozens of other communities have begun implementing their own Patch4Patch programs.

North Bay Fentanyl Patch4Patch Return Procedure

Prescription Label For Fentanyl

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